I’m thinking/feeling BALI in JUNE!!!
How about YOU???

I’m seeing lunch and cocktails by the pool on Friday, followed by massages for ALL. (All on me of course?)

I’m seeing flights landing from ALL OVER THE WORLD, group chat blowing up with ladies checking into their hotels seeing who’s around and what’s going down!

I’m feeling the Bali feels, smelling the Bali air and LOVING the Bali ways… “Yes Ms Shannon”!?‍♀️???

I can FEEL the excitement building of women about to meet other BORN FOR MORE women… soul sisters… friends for life!

I can see the ones soaking it all up… “OMG… YES, this is what I desire!” And… those freaking out… “Oh Shit… what if they don’t like me, what if I’m the weirdo?” ???.

YES it’s meant to be this way and this good, AND… wouldn’t want you there if you weren’t a little “left” ??‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️??‍♀️!

After all, weird is wonderful when allowed!??

I can SEE the first morning gathering. I can actually SEE who’s there from this group to be honest…and those with FOMO at home!

I can hear the conversations around the fear, the past, the worry and most importantly, the hope and energy of the future.

I’m feeling a special beach walk up to a beach restaurant. The incidental seating allowing for comfort zone interruptions and INSAINE conversations ???.

The FOOD… OMG the food!

Wait… I need a minute to indulge here… “oh and a mojito? YES PLEASE!!!”

???? ok… I’m back ????‍♀️. It IS HOW IT SHALL BE!!! And of course… on me!

I see the group (there are 7 of us to be exact) walking back down the beach, talking, laughing, releasing, relaxing into it all and eachother.

And then we hit the pool… but of course!

We swim and talk and laugh like we are 16 again! Oh that memory of being so YOU!!!!

I notice how powerful each member of the group is now!

NO fear, worry, stress, distractions… they are completely in their power.

But the “Work” is just beginning!

I notice as I begin to drop the truth bombs, apply the “pressure” and streamline the sessions how receptive and open everyone is!

How Natural the growth is for these 6 incredible ladies! No surprise though… they were the ones who said “YES… FUCK YES SHAN!!!” They are the serious ones (not in general) who want what they can SEE!

They are the ones who won’t stop, can’t stop… like it’s in their DNA!

“I can SEE it, TASTE it, FEEL it… I WANT IT!”


They KNEW they had to BE here.
They KNEW the time was NOW!

They decided to go ALL in and that the rest would all unfold!

As I watch the realisation, of each one of them, dawn ON them that YES… not only is what they desire possible… it’s ALREADY HAPPENING… I remember how lucky I AM to have followed this same path MANY times before.

Their REAL work is just beginning, but they will NEVER again be the person they were.

The woman who said YES to Bali is a shadow of the woman that sits before me now.

It’s time to wrap it up…

Time for Bali to be discovered for some and to be enjoyed by others.

Hotel baths are calling and pools enticing!

Dinner is booked for 7:30 and yet more is to be discussed!

And we are only at the end of the FIRST day!

The FIRST day of the rest of their lives!

YES this is how it happens!
YES is ALL it takes!


These special ladies decided the HOW can wait but their lives could NOT!

Are YOU a YES???

Only 7 of us and I take up one spot!!!??

2.5 days and maybe more if you’re around?!?


The woman within and turning her OUT!!!

Making your future HOT, your business HOT… YOUR LIFE HOT!


Getting clear on who you REALLY are and what you GET TO HAVE through acknowledging this.

Intensive braking the old and birthing the NEW!
Fast, beautifully, naturally and effectively!

Are YOU one of the 6?


Because birthdays are MASSIVE for me and my baby turns 3 in JUNE… there is a HUGE surprise for YOU on the price ?.

Message me to say “FUCK YES!”