Don’t half arse your application for life!

As a business owner and an active boss, I often get approached for work. From trades looking to get some work, through to back end assistants… the interest is frequent.

Here’s the thing.

They are 99% half arsed applications!!!

A standard email… “dear business owner” or… “to whom it may concern”!


1) My name is EASY to find. 
2) My brand is distinct.
3) 10 minutes of viewing my websites or FB pages and you’ll know (if you bothered) the above!

With THAT information… USE IT!

Every teaching opportunity I applied for, I googled the school, rang admin for further information ALL before sending in my resume.

It’s called “care factor” AND goes along way!

Even when I actually advertise for a position, I set specific instructions for applying.

– Look at our website and FB
– Call me to discuss

But guess what… 99% of people DON’T follow the instructions!

Nope, instead…

– I get an email
– I get a resume 
– I get a text
– I get a call WITHOUT prior research!


I don’t have time to take a call to TELL you what YOU were supposed to do!

I don’t have time to READ every email or resume… I will ask for that from the ones who can actually follow how to apply!

But let’s think about this in relation to how most people approach their lives… specifically how they approach going after what they “say” they want!

Ever heard the theory around “give 50%, get 50%”?

What about, “how you do one thing, is how you do everything”?

Take it even more basic with this question.

What would you do to really get what you want?

What would you become in order to achieve what you really want?

If you REALLY wanted to win a gold medal at the Olympics… would just wanting it be enough?


You have to eat, breath and sleep that dream.

It’s a life commitment!

When I was training, it was early mornings in the pool, running, weights, measured breakfasts/lunch and dinners, back to the pool after the day was done.

No to the parties, the boozy nights.

No to hanging with friends if training was on.

Infact… friends were only in those circles!

Even other sports become a point of concern at the highest level! Injuries, stroke contamination, energy/time!

It was through doing this for years that I realised I actually DIDN’T want the dream of GOLD at the Olympics.

But if you DON’T go at what you want with 110%… you’ll likely never get it or, know you don’t even want it after all!

Where are you saying you want something and still half arsing your application to have it??


Ps… BALI retreat is happening in JUNE!!!
2.5 days.
The W Seminyak.

More coming soon but if you’re ready to play life at 110%… then send me a message now. There ia a special bonus for those who take action NOW! ???