One on One with me!

How exciting is this…

A new YOU and with it… the ability to create the world and business you desire!!!

Do you need to have a business already?

No! I work with both women who are wanting to start their business because they KNOW that’s where they WANT to be, through to women who are already very successful at their business but are ready to do it THEIR way and take it to a whole other level!

You are the WOMAN behind your business and what ever your business is… depends on YOU being ALL of you!

It’s time to stand in your power and OWN IT BABY!





Official Business







Different level, same devil… I have found for sure that the higher I go, the same shit that knocked me around at the beginning, is often what comes looking to have another swing at me now!  This is all part of it but it’s how you come to know this, be aware of it and work through it that you become stronger than it!


What ever your business… it needs you to play all out as YOU! This is a major factor in business success and sustainability. So much other cool shit happens as a consequence of being this, but creating a life where your business blends with you and you can move in and out of it with little to no thought is AMAZING!


Insert – A LIFE ALIGNED!!!


Does it ALL happen over night? 


NO! But for it to happen at all, you need to make the decision to actually begin to align.


What’s that? 




When you channel anything in life through one intense funnel, it is at its most powerful.


Think of the action of swimming… A beginner will flap around, arm and legs and head going everywhere… a few mouthfuls of water, a few close calls even! But then, as they learn the water and their bodies in the water… they begin to become one with it! They start to create a technique that allows for effortless movement through the water with maximum results… This is an example of living in alignment!


It’s not just in the water we do this… you also need to do it through how you experience life!

Become aligned with your kids, partners, work/business, self, decision making, bodies, honestly… the list is ENDLESS… So, the aim of the game is to simply align to yourself, your soul and your wholeness.


Here is what’s up though…

I won’t do it for you… that old saying… “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”… if that is you… move along! It is YOUR life and you are the one who must LIVE it! People can take you to where action on your part is now required, but if you won’t take action on living… no one can make it happen or do it for you! That is on you and only you!


Don’t get me wrong, sometimes we have to step up to the edge of the cliff to try it on for size, come back down, do some pep talking and then finally… when we step up again… we jump! But to the ones who want everything done for you… this will be why it’s just not happening for you! It is time you come to the party of your life!


Think of a three legged race… It requires both people to cross the finish line! If one person does all the training, planning, supplies all the uniforms and rope while the other just Netflix and chills… how will the outcome ever be achieved?


It’s a partnership. I WILL take you there, but you’re going to have to drink/jump/run with me!


So if you are still 100% sure you are ready… don’t worry about anything else, from that decision alone, change will come… let’s get it happening. Xxx


Because I know people need different things at different stages on their journey, I have my one on one programme set up for this.


My 1:1 service is a compulsory 3 month minimum, this is to give us enough time to get the traction and action you desire and bust wide open those belief systems that are holding you back.


I want you to succeed and it won’t happen in it’s entirety over night! 


From there, I offer a monthly option for my clients.  No lock in contracts and no pressure… I only want to mentor you if you want me to! xx 


For those who know they need the 6 month or full year mentoring option to really turn it all around, I do offer discounted packages for 6 and 12 month commitments.


Don’t forget to check the next retreat date!!!


If you are one on one with me, you also have access to:

  • ALL of my courses and retreats for free.
  • Daily access to me via voxer and community support in the Facebook group.
  • And any course content I have created previously.