You must drop the need to control your circumstances in order to get what or where or who you want!

This is big and definitely one of my “devil’s” at each new level. You would have heard me talk around “growth”… emotional, intellectual, spiritual. At each new stage of this/these, there will be new challenges that arise.

The lesson you have learned in the past to overcome it is also the way to overcome it now. Only, the lesson or lessons you have previously learned, were only at the level required for that stage/step of growth.

Each time you grow/shift/become more evolved… you will learn it with more depth and clarity to continue your growth.

At any point on your journey you can decide to stay there… not grow… not look for or become more! There is no real rule that you must continue. But for those who know they must, want to, feel it as part of your life purpose… this is important to know.

There will always be MORE!

More to learn.
More to work through
More to release 
More to achieve
More success in all areas of your life.

Allow for it to happen, to “click” into place.

Don’t fight it… don’t force it… look within.

Let go of the control xxx

It is not in the doing that you will find your dreams… it is allowing the being!!! Even when it is uncomfortable xx

Ps… Bali is in 5 weeks!!!

Learning your being!
Letting go of the control!
Following your higher self!
Finding your path and following it with clarity and certainty!
Remembering you create it all… life happens for you not too you!
Becoming one with your vision!
All while playing and just being!

Ok… so there is so much more but those of you who just KNOW you are meant to be there… let me know.

This is about YOU saying YES to YOU!

Drawing a line in the sand of what has been and jumping with two feet (supported of course) into full alignment with yourself and your desires.

Healing the old and embracing the new!

There is MORE for YOU… and you know it.

How much longer before you just decide it’s YOUR TIME to shine? Xxx