For those in business!

I know you work hard.
I know you desperately want your efforts to pay off.
I know that you care.
I know that YOU know your clients will get the BEST service possible from you and your business.

I know you have poured your heart and soul into your business. 
I know you never give up.
I know you have big hopes and dreams.
I know you are worthy.

I also know that the “wrong” client is worse than no client.
I know that you’re not actually desperate.

I know (if you allow yourself to think about this) you have your “perfect” client in mind!

It will be an energy they have.
It will be a combination of qualities they possess. 
It will be much more than the standard check list.
It will be someone you vibe with!

Write a list of things your ideal clients would BE like.

Are they fun?
Are they trusting in you and your team?
Are they kind?
Are they relaxed?


Are they go getters?
Do they DO the work?
Are they ready to make shit happen?
Are they ready to commit?

It will depend on what it is your business is AND who you are at your core.

Have fun with it!

In the meantime…

When a client approaches you for your business or service. Instead of trying so hard to “get the sale or client”. Try this…

If it is aligned… let the client sign!?

Seriously though, think about it!

You only want the client who actually wants YOU!
You only want the client who will benefit from YOU!
You only want the client who allows you to do your thing!
You only want the client who you are supposed to work with!

You don’t want someone who won’t pay!
You don’t want someone who will whinge!
You don’t want someone who will threaten you!
You don’t want someone who is ungrateful!

Or do you??

What you want IS what you’ll attract!

What is it you have been attracting?

Now refocus and ask for what you want, then…

“If it is aligned… the client will sign”.

You can thank me later ???.