Eyes Forward…

Some days, things won’t go the way you had planned. Just keep your eyes on the big picture and go with it!

Today, I was meant to do a day care drop off, then back in the opposite direction for a school drop off, before heading to the gym round the corner.

I have played the game of business over health and I can tell you… it ain’t worth it! So… this year, I have been “booking it in” to make sure I actually get time to exercise.

As you can imagine, some mornings just don’t play out that way and instead of going into melt down mode or giving up, I go with the flow.

What ever that looks like!

Today, it meant flipping the drop offs around, leaving me close to the beach. Naturally then, beach walk it is!

To the untrained eye, it would look like I am wagging work ? and some days… I do! But this is actually very much part of my work.

Infact… about 6 weeks ago, on a morning that played out very much like this morning, a client actually saw my car and called me up to do business!

But more intentionally, I do this to keep my anxiety in check. Connect to the collective energy. Improve my energy and allow for new ideas or personal development.

I don’t often listen to music, the ear plugs are usually pumping words of wisdom on universal laws ?‍♀️?. I find when I’m releasing any pent up energy or tension (especially at the beach), I am way more receptive to soul or higher self guidance.

Some of you will very much relate and some of you need to give it a go!

This shot was taken by my phone ?‍♀️ after I had taken a picture of an unusual boat that was super close to the shore. Nonetheless it speaks volumes.

Eyes Forward!

When you look at what was or what is right now, you can’t see what’s to be seen!

You only see what is or was, bringing on MORE of that. Take time to put your eyes forward and SEE what is waiting for you! Xxx

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