There are those that lead and then there are those who follow!

My grandfather used to have a sign on the back of the toilet door that said…

There are those who make things happen!

There are those who watch things happen!

And then… there are those who wonder what happened!

I ask YOU.

Do you make things happen, create it, do it, be it?

Or are you still sitting on the fence? Taking notes, warming up, calculating the effort or risks?


Walking around wondering how the actual fuck you ended up here/how this life has happened to you?

It’s a conscious choice to be and live in any of these states. Choose the one that burns in your heart. The one the little girl in you made a choice on way back that your adult self has forgotten about.

Trust me, It’s within YOU to have/do/be what ever you can envision. Have a chat with your inner child, she’ll tell you xxx