Taking back your power is NEVER about being an out right bitch!!

It’s a hurdle most people have trouble with when growing as a person. I personally have found it even more challenging while growing in business! Finding the balance between honouring your needs and values and without being “handled” or on the opposite side of the coin… bring an out right arse wipe ??‍♀️?.

First thing to remeber is that if you desire to take back your power/stand in your power, it needs to be a SELF check! You never lost it because someone took it from you… that’s a story! You simply forgot who you were and gave it away.

The second thing, is to own your integrity! When ANYONE stands in their power, they stand in a place of LOVE! Love for self, love for others and love for the learnings that enabled the realisation to do so!

One of the most common instinctual responses to “taking back” your power is to over compensate and take on undesirable characteristics. This will NOT help you! In fact, you will end up miserable and frustrated!

Punch someone in the chops and you had better expect a right hook back! That’s not what you were desiring right?

Which brings me to the third thing! WHAT IS IT YOU TRULY DESIRE?

Are you clear on what you want? How it feels, sounds, looks, works? Have YOU worked out what version of you you need to step into to gain said outcome?

Yep… it starts and ends with you!

You want respect? Give it to yourself and others before expecting the world should respect you!

You want love? Give it to yourself and others before expecting the world should love you!

You want support? Insert from above!!

You want kindness?…

You don’t get what you want from being an out right bitch about it AND, you shouldn’t have to!

Those in positions of power know the secret of working from within to create what is with out!

Life is not a dictatorship where you get to either be eaten or feast!

Life is a reflection of what YOU create it to be!

So fourth and finally… You ALREADY have the power!

It was never lost!

It was never taken away!

You just forgot for a second and that’s OK!

Just go back to who you are, what you desire, what person you choose to be… clearer each time, and then take action from integrity!

The power is internal not external.

The only person who can truly give you power is YOU!!! Xxx


Installment payment options available!!

This isn’t the time to hesitate if YOU are ready to stand in your power and create the life and business YOU desire!

There are those who make things happen!
There are those who watch things happen!
There are those who wondered what happened!

Who are you?

Or perhaps it’s more a question of who do you DESIRE to be??? Xxx