No filter… 6:52am…

Most of you know that I  the water! You may not know WHY I love it so much though?

Short answer… I am one with it!

Of course it has held me down, spat me out with my bathers over my head, caused a good coughing fit, given me a good bruising or two from the odd bad jump.


It is my soul home!

The waves offer a reminder of power beyond any human. Rough or tidy, the surf is an entity to be respected. The noise of water on mass with gravitational pull allows me to slip away. To relax and surrender to higher power. One would say it is a religious experience!

The still/calm water, the biggest bath around. Handstands like children, tumble turns… forward and backwards. Under water the stillness… serenity! If you close your eyes and just sink down to the bottom, releasing air… releasing the “real” world.

Weightlessness, full mobility… a baptism with each submerging free fall.

Water conducts energy yet allows it to flow!

As I move through the water, my energy blends with the water’s. There is power yet a confident stillness that occurs. A connection to universal belonging!

There is no room for loneliness, sadness, emptiness or worry… only a sense of being whole… being home!


THIS is where I FEEL MOST alive, most LIT UP!


Where do YOU pull YOUR HOT ENERGY from and do you make space to submerge into it?

When you become one with your HOT ENERGY… you are in YOUR POWER! Xxx