One of the most basic yet easiest things to forget is… to believe!

Every time I get worried or anxious about the fear of something, I ask myself… but what do YOU REALLY BELIEVE?

Essentially, would what you worry about be likely to happen to a woman like you?

What vision do you see for yourself?

Well… is what you worry about that or does it have no place in your vision?

When I decided to get my first home, any fear around finding one I liked and could afford, I challenged by staying focused on the knowing/vision that I would in fact, have A home!

Of course, house after house came and went!

Of course I got over the house hunting and attending home opens!

“Just show me my house!”

But as much as it was simply NOT happening… I bloody KNEW it would!

It had to!

I had decided I wanted it and was doing the work required to find it!

All that was left was to stay in faith that it would present!

This was way before journaling… God… I thought journaling was keeping a diary!!?‍♀️?

Way before I knew any of what I do now!


The thing I did know and do was be very fucking sure that it was happening!

It simply wasn’t an option for it to not eventuate!


When I was trying to loose weight after Kenzie, which by the way simply wasn’t happening naturally like it had with Morgan, I never gave into fear of it never happening!

Oh God yes, I worried, I hid, I got upset BUT…

Never did I ever believe that for me, kids meant I had to be 10kgs heavier than I felt was good for me!

Not an option!

So, I decided, believed, and kept trying things until I found what FELT right! What I just KNEW was going to work!

Call it placebo???

But honestly… the power of what you believe will create your results in life!

And how determined you are to have what you desire will essentially dictate it eventuality happening!

How much resistance you have will create how long it takes to happen!

If you REALLY BELIEVE you have a bigger picture and can SEE it, then it’s faith to follow right now… not fear!

Does what you fear live in your future vision?

Believe in your vision and keep your eyes and energy on THAT!

Fear will come but when it does, just use this to let it now go! Xx