Is there really a good enough excuse to not have what you desire?

The answer to this is ALL in the ownership!

Sure, your catering team were double booked so they couldn’t make your event!


Is it where the story ends?

Is it where you check out?

Is it where you retreat back into “I tried… they let me down”?

What about emergency plan B’s?

What about where there is a will… purpose… certainty that something will happen and so it does???

Who is steering that wheel?

What about the “going with it” and creating or allowing an even cooler option?

And… what about the reflection that in some way, you allowed this to be in the equation in the first place?

What if OWNING it isn’t about beating yourself up!

What if it’s learning, tweaking, becoming entertained by such things and stepping further into certainty that what you FULLY desire will be provided?

A simple call to become clearer and more detailed to what you expect?

A simple reminder that if things don’t quite work out the way you thought, things are moving nicely to show you what else is available???

Ever checked into a hotel or been seated at a table in a restaurant and initially thought “but it’s not what I wanted”, then gone with it only to realise it’s actually an upgrade?

That said, ever settled for the room that’s falling apart or the table by the toilet??? Let’s not be a problem or cause a scene!!!


What if YOU are always driving the wheel?

What if where you find yourself is a reflection of you as the driver?

And what if OWNING it simply means you get an awesome road trip and can course correct like a freak storm at ANY POINT you choose?

What if allowing others to “control” your current reality is simply avoidance of giving yourself permission to decide?

See, to decide is cellular!

It’s a non negotiable!

It’s a contract with the universe/soul/higher self/God!

And… it requires certainty that YOU are the driver of YOUR version of success xxx