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It’s funny as a business owner, how many of us live in reactive mode.

Posted on May 12, 2019 by in Health Mindset | 0 comments

It’s funny as a business owner, how many of us live in reactive mode.

What about the BIG picture or… END result?

And HOW are you supposed to handle it all!!!

Well… simply put, what is MOST important to you? Is it being “busy” or being active towards your BIG picture?

From that place of where you desire to be or your business to be… what decision do you get to make NOW? Xxx

Ps, ONLY 2 spots left for our BALI retreat in JUNE!!!????.

If YOU have a business (or a few?) YOU need to be there with us.

Actually… if you’re READY to kick off your business (I mean… balls to the wall ready!) YOU TOO should be there!!!

ALL things business AND we will have the one and only Zinette Zorzos with us to work through specifics of the online side of modern business!!!

We will be planning, mapping, unleashing, troubleshooting, overcoming fears and hurdles ALL the things ALL while relaxing and LIVING ???‍♀️????.

Yes… it’s built for YOU…


You are born for MORE!
Unavailable for being told… it just takes time OR… it has to be THIS hard or THAT stressful! BS!!!

It’s for YOU if you are serious about connecting to YOUR goals and to align with others who play at YOUR level!


It’s NOT a passive boat ride down the river!

It’s a buckle up and jump in head first… no looking back for you type rollercoaster ride!

YOU want it… WE got it!

Make sure you reach out before you miss out ???.

You coming???

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