Happy Mothers day to ALL the mumma ladies out there!

To the stay at home, the working, the unemployed, the business owners, the single and the partnered…to the any and ALL other combinations of mothers.

For me, this is a day I get to remember how blessed I actually am to have my two rat bags, that make me a mum!

I don’t get to spend time at the park, very rarely do I get time to watch them play with their friends. It is true that I often take calls while picking them up from school or try to shovel food into them! They know that mummy works hard to make other people’s homes and lives better yet, I don’t have much left over for their home or their mummy needs.

I do sneak them off for breakfast, under water world, adventure world.

I do read bedtime stories and come running when they are sick or hurt.

I do take them to swimming lessons and dancing.

I do do the lunches, drop offs and pick ups.

I do also make them come to work with me in between! ?‍♀️. Mummy has to do what mummy has to do right!

I do LOVE them beyond life!

But…. in doing what I do, it’s not just me that has to sacrifice. They also have had to sacrifice! I think too much at times TBH.?‍♀️

Truth is, none of it would be worth it without them!

I am showing them kindness to others.
I show them creativity. 
I show them mummy can be a mummy AND be a boss!
I show them multitasking although not always well!
I show them responsibility. 
I show them respect for money.
I show them how to be what ever you choose to be.
I show them how to be brave.
I show them how to admit your mistakes. 
I show them tears and melt downs (it’s ALL part of it!)
I show them how to be your own person while loving and respecting others.
I show them travel, even when I must leave them behind. 
I show them there are no labels… only those we choose to define ourselves by.

But MOST of all, I show them they too can have, do, be anything they desire AS LONG AS they have their integrity.

They KNOW I LOVE them, I show them every day. But they also show ME!

They show me how strong I can be.
They show me what really matters. 
They show me where I am winning and where I am actually failing ?‍♀️.
They show me how I can always do better. 
They show me to remember to breathe and play.
They show me the type of woman I am in their reflection of me.
They show me that no matter what “type” of mother I am… I am enough for them!

What a gift being a mum is!

It’s far from easy.
It’s not always glamorous.
It’s exhausting and defeating much of the time.

But I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

They are the reason I am who I am and do what I do!
They are my .

So… to ALL the mums out there… you are doing great. You ARE enough. You are LOVED beyond the moon and back. You are forgiven daily and you get to forgive yourself.

Remember… you are… the woman behind the business! Xxx

Ps… If you’re not in my group… For the WOMAN behind the business… get in there!

It’s ALL the things!!!

Time management. 
Mummy guilt.
Boss life.
Belief systems. 
Creating your reality. 
The highs and the lows.
And so so SO much more?.

There is also a BALI RETREAT!!!! But you’ll have to jump in to find out more ???. FULL disclosure, only 2 places left! Xx

Happy Mothers Day guys xxx