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Mind set, personal development, business success, LOVE, happiness… it all comes down to YOU!  Every Friday night, I do LIVE and FREE trainings in our Facebook group but… as of the 1st February… EVEN MORE FREE TRAININGS WILL BE RIGHT HERE!!!!

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Active Courses

Right NOW… I am running a 3 month intensive course all kicking off with our – BALI RETREAT – For the WOMAN within! 

 – Bali – February 23rd and 24th!

 – 3 months intensive 1:1 with me on return!

 – Back to the BRAVE and UNSTOPPABLE you – My signature course (8 weeks) throughout the 1:1 time.


If this sounds like what you have been asking for… reach out to see if this is a fit for you – only 8 places available xx

Ready to

be ALL 

of YOU?

Back to the BRAVE and  UNSTOPPABLE You !!



Calling the brave, the born for more and definitely the crazy… well cray cray by “normal” standards anyway!


You know who you are, even if right now, you don’t feel like it! 


You have always had a dream, a belief there is more… has to be more… YOU WANT MORE!!!


You have done what most wont, stayed the course and achieved what was expected.


You play all in, never quit and always do what it takes… no matter what!


You pay attention, work hard, get back up when you get knocked down!


Where there is a will there is always a way right?


YES… YES THERE IS! Guess what… it doesn’t have to be so hard and take so long!




What if I told you it could be FUN! EASY even?


What if you did something for yourself for a change?


Didn’t worry about what people think for just a second?


What if you decided that IT’S YOUR TURN?




What if you gave yourself permission to do what is NOT asked of you but what YOU so desperately need?


Want to play?


Want to have fun?


Want to brake free of what ever restraints you feel are keeping you from having/doing and being it all NOW?


You know, I think as women, we are all at some point or another susceptible to loosing ourselves.  It’s like one day, you just wake up and say… What the fuck happened up in here?


All the promises we make our younger versions, before the kids, the career, the husbands… suddenly feel like they belong to another person! Well they do… YOUR EARLIER SELF!


BUT… HERE IS THE COOL PART… you are still YOU! That version of you still exists and she is waiting… rather impatiently I might add, for you to remember about her! She is showing up at what you feel is inconvenient times I bet… too loud, too much, “Why the hell did I just say that?” hahaha yep… blame her! She’s taunting you… “you should go the gym… you should go to the beach… you should get that top… you should go out dancing…” The current you.. the well behaved and conditioned you says… “yer right… but who will look after the kids/business/washing/cooking/blah blah blah…” The more refined and sophisticated you says “by the time I deal with the kids, the washing, the work day, the husband… I am exhausted!”


Truth is, if you’re still reading this… YOU WERE BORN FOR MORE!!!


Its simple really…


It this is all you want and need in life and you are truly happy ever day with everything… then you wouldn’t still feel a missing part!  Like what you have is by comparison to others… fine! It’s possibly even great right? But why is it not enough for you?


Why do you still feel that there is more, can be more, should be more?


It is wrong?


Should you just conform and learn to settle… maybe even be grateful that you have what you have and attempt to make peace with yourself around this?


Sure, if that will make YOU happy!  Odds are, if you are here… it won’t!


Again, she will visit, again she will whisper in your ear… “really?” “cool, we can play this game… it won’t last!”


Truth is, until you are happy within, you can never really be happy with anything!


When inside you are full with love, strength, certainty, passion, direction, focus, drive, fun, LIFE, then you see it everywhere you go! AND… you end up spreading that shit like fairy dust!


Funny though right?


So to fully get what you want… all you have to do is what has become so unnatural to you… give to yourself!  Give permission, give love, give happiness, give time, give kindness, give a kick up the bum on occasion… no harm in that either constructively of course!


So what if you do that…


Oh I see you… freak out mode engaged… “oh I couldn’t possibly, oh I shouldn’t, oh I must!




Think about it… What you stand to gain from staying in your pain? And what do you stand to gain from trying the one thing you haven’t done in years???


Is it possible you could actually be happier?

Is it possible you could actually find your passion again?

Is it possible you could actually make traction and action and leave the hole in the carpet alone?

It is possible you might learn that YOU ARE ACTAULLY AMAZING!!!!!


Yep… pretty much!


Now don’t get me wrong here… we are about to turn it up and have some fun for sure BUT… you have to play all in! You have to want it! You have to believe there is more and be damn sure you are going to get it!


This is FOR YOU!


Even the decision to commit right here is the first step!




We have 8 weeks of all kinds of crazy, fun, weird and wonderful to get through!


I am not here to change you.. that IS NOT WHAT THIS IS ABOUT!


This is about being the best version of YOU!

About being connected to who you really are and standing proud!

This is about remembering your hopes and dreams and that you are worth it!

This is about standing in your power!

This is about braking the cycle of boring, climbing a mountain that doesn’t seem to peak!

This is about braking free of the excuses and expectations and making your own rules!


Don’t you know you are beautiful?

Don’t you know you are magic?

Don’t you know you are worth it?

Don’t you know there are people out there who depend on you to be fully YOU!!


So, If you are, deep down… the brave, the born for more and on reflection, a touch cray cray… COME PLAY WITH ME and see what you find in YOU!

Are you... ready?

Join  me for BALI

and let’s get you back to


What Clients Are Saying

“Shannon helped me to spot an area of my business where I was feeling unsafe and I was able to take immediate action to remedy the situation. Her intuition is so razor sharp! She will see things in a way you can’t possibly have access to on your own.
Shannon always sees your potential and you can feel her love and respect for you in every piece of advice and question. She’s a fucking incredible human.”

Georgina N

“Shannon has energy in spades and a heart of absolute gold. She gives 100% to any job she takes on and is professional, creative and inspiring. Shannon defines support and encouragement and brings out the best in those she works with and those who work for her. The world needs more women like Shannon in it!! Thank you for all you are and all you do xxx”

Sarah G

“You have supported me on more than one occasion when it came to shit hitting the fan with one who shall remain nameless, and we have been an awesome sounding board for each other. I don’t know that I have met someone quite like you before in that you are completely dedicated to raising up other women, often out of the goodness of your own soul. You have a manner about you that is not only fun but its honest, and open. You are a one of a kind in that regard. There is no agenda other than you being there for your friends. All of your reno’s are magic – but that doesn’t happen by its self. You work so damn hard, I see how exhausted you are some days, but you always have a smile and a silly joke – always. Don’t ever change my friend – you have big things in store I feel, very big. You just don’t know where you will be in 12 months – things are moving upward and onwards. Love ya guts xxxx”

Julie W