Exploring the Women within!

15-16 June 2019




22- 23rd February 2019


Go behind the

Business and

into YOU

in Mystical Bali

with ME!

Go behind the

Business and into YOU in Mystical Bali with ME!
22- 23 February 2019

ARE YOU READY? The Woman Behind The Business! Your business is YOU and YOU are the key to your success!

It doesn’t matter what your business is, even a stay at home mum has her business.. the kids, the house, the husband, the parties, the medical appointments, the school drop offs and pickups, even helping Santa out! The list is endless!

But all of us who dream of a business or who are growing and running one, are in fact THE WOMAN BEHIND THE BUSINESS and with that said… what are you doing about doing YOU?

I SEE you… ALL of you!

You are right in the knowing that there is MORE!

More for you in this life, in all areas of your life!
I know you have that vision, that dream, I know it calls you.
I know some days it feels like you could reach out and touch it… if only you could just see it!


I see you DOING everything possible, everything you are told to do!
I see you TRYING your best to get it right!
I see you WORKING and working, feeling like there is not enough hours in a day for the work to be done!
I see you DESPERATE to reach your vision, your dream, your PURPOSE!

You have done well to get this far, you must remember this… you have already done what most would not!
You have achieved beyond the norm but there is still so much more you know you can BE/DO AND HAVE!
You know it too…
You know it shouldn’t be this hard, this exhausting.
You know there is a better way and you know YOU ARE SO CLOSE!!!

I feel the frustration!

I feel the hurt!

I feel the defeat

 And worry!

I feel the pressure!


I know you know… BUT… there is one thing you haven’t done yet!


Just be YOU!



To speak freely and be heard!

To live freely without care of judgment or worry!

To simply show up and be seen for ALL of you!




The way that makes you light up from within.

The way that if pressures didn’t exist, you would just do in a heartbeat.

The way NO ONE ELSE could imagine it done, or to do it like only you could!

What if I told you that YOU ARE RIGHT in your suspicions!!!

That YOU ARE PERFECT as you are!


That without any question or doubt… YOU ARE WORTHY!


Maybe you are so conditioned to be a product of what everyone else has created that you can’t find YOU any more!
Maybe you tried once, a long time ago and were rejected!
Maybe you don’t think you are worthy or that you chose the wrong path somewhere along the line and now… now you missed out!

But that vision, that dream, it’s still there isn’t it?

That’s why you continue to work, stress, worry, get frustrated at yourself! You just can’t leave it alone!

That’s because it is a part of you… it IS AVAILABLE and it is waiting for you to align to it!


Waiting for you to own it, to claim it, to BE it! After all, it is your vision… YOU created it… no one else!

But that requires YOU to simply BE YOU!

To be the best version of you!

The version of you that is living this dream/vision/life!

This will not come from what others say… they are NOT YOU!

This will come from within you!

When you stop with the doing and start BEING!


This is where you unleash your magic and become the person who lives your dreams.


Are you ready to shed the labels you have previously grown into?

Are you ready to stop exhausting yourself?

Are you ready to remember WHO YOU REALLY ARE?

Are you ready to LOVE YOURSELF for ALL OF YOU?

Are you ready to claim your wildest dreams and desires?

Are you ready to experience the YOU that KNOWS?

Are you ready to align with life like you never knew possible?

Are you ready to discover the voice of your soul?


Yes it requires faith, but it’s faith in self!



We are BALI bound for magic!


Two days


You, me and we!

Day 1

One on One

Remembering who you came here to be!

Learning to love yourself again and discover your inner magic that makes you so special.

Connecting to your soul

Become you at your core

Unleash your wildest desires

Then stepping into the now confident, happy, clear and ready to create all that you desire version of you.

Discovering the YOU that is the voice of your soul!

Day 2

There will be wine!

There will be food… so much food!

There will be deep dive sessions to discover the answers you search for.

There will be shifts from within a you may not even know to be possible.

There will be laughter.

There will be friends made for life.

There will be yoga.

There will be shenanigans.

But most of all…

There will be YOU at your soul level, creating magic that will ripple into your world and that of others.

Your business, your children, your relationships, your finances, your physical environment and your non-physical environment will all benefit form the work you will do on this retreat!

If you are ready, and I mean ready… done with what has been and ready for what you desire… come with me xxx


The retreat is just the start… there is MORE I have for you…


1 on 1
with me

My Highlights


3 months of unlimited voxer support designed to help you stay connected once you return home.
Access to the woman behind the business
Access for FREE to “Back to the brave and unstoppable you” course (valued at $1,978 AUD) that we will kick off at the start of March.
This is designed for you to fly!

If you are just wanting to get into the course “For the Back to the brave and unstoppable you” click here.
I’m so ready!