So many of us live with this yet so many of us don’t give it the acknowledgement it calls for. So, it bubbles up underneath the surface of every day life.

It’s much like a bee. Keep swatting it away and it becomes even more aggressive. ?‍♀️. Simplified but relevant.

What I have come to notice is that it is to be treated as more of a message. A signal that something just isn’t quite right.

It could be that there is an area of your life that is being neglected!

It could be that you need to stop and rest!

It could be that you need to address what you have been putting off!

It could be coming from ANYTHING!

But there will be a reason it has come to visit and the more you dismiss it/swat it away… the harder it will shout.

Make the time to address it.

Be honest with yourself.

Look to understand the massage.


Take action.

Don’t hide from it, embrace it xxx