What does it take to be one of the best?


When I first started in renovations, I started “on the tools” as the expression goes. I banged, tapped, knocked, chipped, climbed, lifted and so much more less glamorous things ??.

I talked to the trades, asked questions, worked along side them.

I learned to understand the process, the thinking/logic, the timing, the parts that were effortless and the parts that required ART!

I learned to lean into what seemed scary and face the fear!

I also learned when to pull rank and shut shit down!!???.

I often wasn’t conscious of the learning because it was a natural consequence of just BEING!

Being emerged 
Being present 
Being in the doing!

From there it was business time…

Efforts to get the results!

At first it was selling my properties for profit and I did… multiple times!

As simple as this sounds… the BEST of the best…know it’s a team effort!

Agent and renovations combined!

Knowing the market, the area, the potential of the home in relation to these and the potential buyer!

From there… business took on a new shape… Growing from personal to personal for clients!

Again… build the team, BE the person who creates!

The process, the rules, the renos and the clients!

The affiliates, the T’s and C’s in ALL areas. As the need presented so to did the solution!

But of course… eventually the need to expand presented and so… Perth Renovation Projex was officiated!

Again… more learning, everything before…applied and then built on from there!

Bigger clients, bigger team, bigger renovations!

More leaning into fear and out of comfort zones!

More big picture thinking and more showing up… BEING!!

BUT the work is NEVER done if you are to be the BEST!!!

There is ALWAYS more to build/create/aspire to/implement!

It won’t always be easy either… that I can promise!

From the start I had “road bumps”! The injuries, the relentless hours, the money coming in going straight back out (or into the renos), the working full time and then working “rest” hours on the houses!

Some days I just couldn’t be F#@&ed… too stiff, too tired, same shit different day yo!

But you KNOW I never stopped… NEVER gave up!

Not even heavily pregnant… still sanding, patching and painting ?‍♀️?‍♀️!

Then, as I grew and the business did… the pressure to stay focused even when kids were sick! To make sure all the “I”s” were dotted and the “T’s” crossed when up ALL night with babies, trouble on site… to keep the mum train going whilst building the business!!

Again… you just DO… you just BE!!!

C-sections whilst running site… YES it happened… YES I made it work!

Gastro couldn’t even stop me!!!

If you REALLY want it… YOU will make it happen… you will literally do EVERYTHING.

BUT… you’ll NEVER stop!

It’s not a case of people being privileged or that it’s just easy for some.

It’s a Decision!

It’s a commitment!

It’s a down right bloody slog at times!

It’s being scared and doing it anyway!

It’s learning and growing!

It’s BEING the person who gets to have what it is you desire!

There’s simply NO room for quitting!

YOU want to be the best?


The action of deciding will lead you but you better be prepared to back that shit up!

If YOU think you can, the odds are… you REALLY can!


What is it you REALLY think?
WHAT is it YOU REALLY want?

Line those two up and you’re on fire baby!!!


Spots for 1:1 with me are open!

What’s got you stuck?
What is it YOU really want?
Where are you flapping around like a fish out of water?
What needs to happen NOW?
What’s next?
What’s holding YOU back?
ALL the things BUSINESS and ALL things YOU baby!!!

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