Who is

Shannon Burke


Shannon Burke 

It is in your wholeness that you will find your happiness and all that you desire!


Everything you do in life should light you up and create a life inspired!


It is not just about one area of your life or one area of “you” performing, it is in having and being it ALL that we find our desired success.


I know form building two businesses that professional growth and success won’t come with happiness or ease if there is not personal growth and success happening too. Sure, we can get started and get things moving but when we play the one sided game, we are still just playing around and playing small!


Your business is an extension of you, the more you grow and evolve, so too will your business. In fact, all areas of your life will benefit from YOU being the best of yourself… The WOMAN behind the business!


So who am I?

Simply put… I am you and you are me! We are all the WOMAN behind her business!


We all take care of business daily but what of the business of taking care of you? Afterall, whatever your business is, it depends on you for creating it, guiding it, growing it and making it successful by your definition of success!


I am a born teacher! It is my purpose to expose you to your potential and your dreams in such a way you can hear, see, taste and eventually touch and become one with the reality you have always dreamed of! I will help you lean into it and become it and then… guide you on your path to actually LIVING it!


I do this through actual renovations in one business, and through mentoring (basically renovations of the mind and soul) in this business.


Unless we are living in alignment of who we are and creating from that space, then we can never really experience full success. A good bank account but… being tired, unavailable to play, no time to spend with our kids or loved ones, poor health, high stress, no travel, no time to do the things we LOVE… does NOT equal success and quite frankly… good luck trying to sustain this type of life! 




I know you have that dream/vision of your life and business that calls you!

I know you can’t leave it alone!


I know how frustrated you get at times about not having it!


But back to me… who am I?


Well, that is a loaded answer, but if you’re curious about the surface level me… just for fun…here you go!


I am one of the BORN FOR MORE always was, even before I knew it!

I am silly, what’s life if there is no play!

I am fun, well I actually think I am funny but that’s debatable! I do make it all fun though!

I am full on with life, life is for living!!!

I am a teacher/guide/mentor – literally across all areas of my life but also as a qualified teacher – Bachelor if Education baby!

I am a mother, I have two beautiful little girls who drive me bananas and fill my world with LOVE like nothing else can!

I am a renovator who turned that passion into a business, featured in a few magazines and broke a few records along the way!

I am a business owner of two businesses, both an extension of who I am!

I am a water and wine lover – I mean who isn’t?

I am a leader, it’s in my DNA! I tried to conform I really did, turns out my magic is in being ME – ALL OF ME!

I am LOVE for ALL, everything I do, comes from love!

I am about making YOU come ALIVE! That’s what lights me up!



It is YOUR time… Can you FEEL it?


It is time to listen to the voice within? The one that you have been told to silence! Time to give up “conforming” to others and “doing” according to others? I know you know there is a better way! Ok, you might not have it all figured out yet or maybe you have lost your way from it… but you DO KNOW that this is not the way it’s supposed to be! What if you do unleash the real you… find the woman who has been YOU all along and take off like a fucking rocket into this world! Have the business you desire, be the woman who LOVES life, LIVES life, HAS life and IS LIFE?


Well if you’re like me, we are the special ones and this is how we do what we do!


If you are here reading this… there is a reason and I would place a bet, that it is because you are a lot like me!


We are definitely not the “normal” and “normal” doesn’t work for us anyway… been there, done that… Fuck that!


I am about living life full out, experiencing it ALL… BEING IT ALL! As long as you are here… you have decisions and choices available to you (even when it doesn’t feel like it!) but have you actually decided yet?


I am about creating like never before… choosing the best from this moment forward to experience and BE all that I desire and require in my life! Every day is a creation on auto pilot unless you are willing to take the wheel!


Are you ready to draw a line in the sand and move with full force into your future?


I did! I would say that people like us are forever evolving, growing, learning, creating, helping others and looking for MORE!


More from life!

More from ourselves!

More from our experience and being!

We just KNOW there is still MORE right!


Sometimes I feel we do this consciously and then other times, it’s like we look up one day and everything we have been thinking we were doing or, where we thought we were going, “magically” leads us to our aligned path anyway!




In fact, the pain and angst that most people like us experience in daily life comes from trying to run from themselves! It is in your wholeness that you will find happiness within.


You are who you are, but do you even know YOU yet?


I learn more about me EVERY SINGLE DAY! Mainly though through taking action and showing up in this world.


What I can tell you, is that I am a born teacher! My whole life, not just the 10 plus years I spent teaching children in classrooms, has been about learning, interpreting, and then teaching this to others. It is a natural part of who I am!


A good teacher knows that although they are here to teach, they are here to learn first! How can a teacher teach if they do not learn or experience it for themselves? Don’t get me wrong, if you watch the same movie 3 times, you will find that on each viewing, you notice MORE! Learning is not a one time thing or a one dimensional thing! The more you learn… I mean REALLY learn, the more you see, understand, build upon and then learn all over again at a deeper level.


When you learn things that light you up from within and this sends you off into a whole new world, bring you back full circle to your life with a whole new perspective or understanding than before… how can you NOT teach that to others? How can it not boil up inside of you and spill out of you… through your actions, words, energy and creations?


Teach it with energy like no other!

Teach it with passion that only comes from the excitement of the concept and experience!

Teach it with purpose and integrity!


Live it as a daily practice too!


When a teacher teaches from this place… it creates boundless opportunities and possibilities for the child/person or group experiencing the teaching! This is how I do it… the creation of magic!


To be a teacher at your core is a true gift. Not everyone can learn to teach, it requires a particular skill set for sure but more than that… only a few are able to teach from their soul, to another soul!


To really deliver the content being taught, in such a way that it is received through the senses.  This is where my magic happens!  People come ALIVE in their wholeness, with possibilities of their world they had only really dreamed of!  When this happens… a part of them wakes up within like they have never had felt before…


I saw this when I was teaching in the classroom!

I see this when I work one on one with people!

I see this with the woman in my courses!

I see this when I do my weekly Live streams!

I see this in my community daily!

God… I even see this with people I meet socially!



What people desire runs much deeper than what they chase. I will also say that to obtain the material goals, there is an inner game that needs to be played first.


Is the version of you now… right here, all that you can be? If you said yes… I call bull shit! WE ARE FOREVER LEARNING, GROWING, DEVELOPING, WAKING UP TO OURSELVES, how can you be the highest version of yourself now! So, if you know you get to become MORE, then what IS more for you?


That vision/goal/business/life, who are you once you have all of it? Have you played around with this yet or are you still just dreaming of the THING! Trust me… when you become that version of yourself who can have/do/be the thing… that’s when the “thing” will come! Side note… the more you learn, the more you see right? That said… you will continue to create another version/level of yourself and therefore, more THINGS!


Well, there you go! That is who I am at my core and that is why I do what I do!


We are all creators of our own lives and we do it every day… consciously and unconsciously.  Is it time you learn to create your life with intention… live your best life and become your best self?


Well then, let’s GO! xxx